Citizens Church

The vision

To see God’s Kingdom come in Surrey as it is in Heaven.

OUR Mission

We believe that we'll accomplish this vision by learning to follow Jesus, together, in Surrey Central

Learning: We know that nobody is perfect in our church. We are all on a journey, trying to become more like Jesus. So whether Christianity is brand new to you or you’ve been a Christian your entire life, we’re all learning.

Follow Jesus: We’re all about Jesus. We believe that Jesus made a way for every person to know eternal life, live life to the full and that He gave us a model of how to be truly human. We’re not following a set of principles or ideas. We haven't signed up for a dead religious experience. We are modelling our lives after the person of Jesus; shaping our desires, priorities, passions and character after Him. Remember though: we’re all learning…

Together: Life was not meant to be lived alone. The fullest life available is one that is in community with other people. Other people who are on the same journey as you. Even though our culture casts a vision of individualism, we know we all crave the significance that come from life in community. We’re doing this together.

In Surrey Central: We believe that our faith in Jesus must make a difference in the place we are. If Surrey is not a better place because we are here we think we’re doing something wrong. We love this city and we’re here for the good of every person that lives here with us.

Our Priorities

Gospel: The gospel is the good news of God’s saving work through Jesus to those who are far from Him AND the gospel is the power of God to those who are in Christ. We will be a church that never lets the truth of the gospel become “old news”. We will endeavour to be people who look deeply into the depths of the truth and power of the gospel to mine out every bit of good news there is for us in our lives today.  In every setting, from young to old, we will do whatever we can to clearly and holistically teach and live out the gospel.

Spirit: After Jesus commissioned His disciples He told them to wait for the Gift of the Father: the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit was given to believers to empower them as witnesses to the work and message of Jesus in every corner of society and we believe He still does that work today.  We will be people who passionately pursue the Holy Spirit—giving space for Him to speak and move—not just in gatherings but in all parts of our lives. We believe in all of the gifts of the spirit and believe that we will see the renewal of our city as we learn to be people who live full of the Spirit.

Community: Everybody wants to find a place where they belong.  A place or a group that understands them, serves their needs and walks through life with them. The problem is that everything in our culture wars against genuine community with a vision of individualism. When we place ourselves at the centre of our universe, community becomes a means to serve our self only; even our own faith. But, the vision of community we see in the New Testament is much different than what we see today. In the New Testament, we see believers who prioritize being together, share what they have, invite in strangers and work out what it means to follow Jesus, together. Our faith is not designed to be lived out in isolation but in the context of a broader community for the sake of the city in which we live. This is the vision of community we are striving for.

Practice: Discipleship to Jesus is not just about a collection of right beliefs it’s an invitation into an apprenticeship with Jesus as our teacher.  In the context of community we want to be a people who practice the way of Jesus together in the city. We will lean into the rhythms of the Kingdom and align our lives and practices to the blueprint Jesus gives us in the gospels.

Multiplication:  We believe that our God is a sending God. He sent the world His very best in His son Jesus and we want to do the same. We believe the best strategy we have to reach people far from God is by planting new, disciple-making communities...so we will develop leaders, give sacrificially and commit to sending our best for the sake of reaching more people in more places.  



About the Eliasons

Jason and Kelsey were highschool sweethearts and married in 2007.  As their marriage began, so too did their ministry journey.  They pastored for three years in the church they both grew up in on Vancouver Island (Northgate Foursquare Church) and then moved to the Lower Mainland in 2010 to pursue a theological education.  Shortly after arriving in Langley, Jason started working at Christian Life Assembly and he’s been pastoring there for the past 7 years.  

The local church has been their focus and passion their whole lives.  Together, they are convinced that the local church is God’s plan on the earth they count it a privilege to be called to lead.  Jason and Kelsey see their whole life as ministry and many people have experienced the “open door” policy in their home.  They love to see people built up and released into their potential and can’t imagine doing church any other way than TEAM.

The dream to plant a church has long been in their hearts.  There doesn’t seem to be an exact moment the idea was planted but it has been a significant and growing piece of their prayers, dreams and conversation for many years.  

They consider themselves  so fortunate that the dream to plant life-giving churches is a part of the vision of Christian Life Assembly.  CLA has great history of multiplication and a renewed passion to see new churches established out of the CLA family.  They go with their support, covering and backing.

Jason and Kelsey are excited to launch this new church as a family with their three boys Jude, Jaxx and West.