Identity. Community. Mission.

Jason and Kelsey were highschool sweethearts and married in 2007.  As their marriage began, so too did their ministry journey.  They pastored for three years in the church they both grew up in on Vancouver Island (Northgate Church) and then moved to the Lower Mainland in 2010 to pursue a theological education.  Shortly after arriving in Langley, Jason started working at Christian Life Assembly and he’s been pastoring there for the past 7 years.  

The dream to plant a church has long been in our hearts.  We can’t pinpoint the exact moment the idea was planted but it has been a significant and growing piece of our prayers, dreams and conversation for many years.  

We are so fortunate that the dream to plant life-giving churches is a part of the vision of Christian Life Assembly.  CLA has great history of multiplication and a renewed passion to see new churches established out of the CLA family.  We go with their support, covering and backing.

We dream of church that is:

  • Missional: engaging with our culture and working towards the good of the city.

  • Passionate: pursuing God and loving people.

  • Fearless: taking bold steps of faith in response to Jesus

  • Generous: giving extravagantly of our time, talents and treasure

  • Focussed: resisting the temptation to try and do everything but committed to doing a few things excellently

  • Healthy: committing to see broken lives made whole through the good news of Jesus

God willing, we will see a new, life giving church launch in September 2018.  We would be so honoured to have you follow along and join us in this journey.

- Jason & Kelsey

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